January Inspiration

Hi, all! 2021 was an especially hard year for me and my family. I know that it has been so for many, many of you, as well. I am trying not to make excuses but, would like to explain why I have not posted much on this blog for the last several months. During the last year or so, I have experienced personal sadness and worry. Out of that came the difficulty for me to become inspired. I think that is why I have been away for so long. However, with 2022 beginning I would like to turn over a new leaf, focus on the bright side, look for inspiration and start blogging here again. I do have another blog where I did share more over the last few months. That blog is not quite as professional as I hope to make this one. I share more of a variety of interests there but, if you would like to check it out, you may do so here– https://designsandevents.blogspot.com/

So, to begin I would like to reintroduce my monthly inspiration board~

January is a tough month to find inspiration but, if you look hard enough you may find some of it. I do love the cleansing feeling of January after all of the busyness and bold colors of the holidays. It is time for quiet, rest, reflection and a new beginning. I hope you find time to add some of these elements into your life in January. That is the goal I am trying to set for myself :).

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