Hi! I am Christine, the owner and lead designer of Mitchell & Company Designs and Events. Officially established in 2012, the company was not launched in earnest until a friend of mine asked me to do the flowers for her daughter’s wedding. With the successful completion of that beautiful and special wedding, Mitchell & Company Designs and Events was truly born.
The love of flowers and gardening started early in me as a young child. I remember watching my mother and grandfather as they tended their gardens; a massive vegetable garden for my grandfather and a small annual garden for my mother. She loved zinnias and marigolds. Eventually, I would have a small garden of my own in the backyard. I don’t remember it being especially productive but I enjoyed working in it all the same.

As a young wife and mother, my flower adoration grew as I moved into an old Victorian home which had a small perennial garden located right next to the front door. It had been tenderly cared for by the previous owner and it was there that I discovered the joy and beauty of lovely perennials like delphinium, poppy, and lupine. I was hooked!

With my love of flowers came the discovery that I had a natural ability, as well as, a passion for flower design. To nurture this passion, I attended countless floral design workshops, joined a local garden club and, in time, completed two certificate courses, one in floral design and the other in meeting and events management.

I believe that floral design is an active art form and needs to be cultivated continually. Some of what I have learned is self-taught, while some has been the outpouring of the passion that comes from within. Creating beautiful floral design of any kind brings great joy to me and my most earnest hope is that it brings joy to those around me.

I live in the picturesque town of Groton, Massachusetts with my wonderful husband, Tom, and feel honored to have done the flowers for weddings all over Massachusetts and various parts of New England.

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